$5k Challenge
Introducing the $5K Income Challenge
It began as a simple question: Is it possible to generate $5,000 in weekly income using advanced options selling tactics for traders with larger accounts.

So, we put $100,000 in real money to work to discover the answer to that question. 

Real-Money ($100,000 Trading Account) Results:

Period: November 2021 - February 2022

Average Capital in Play: $78,768

Gross Income: $58,441

Average Weekly Income: $4,495

Actual Results: Live Money Portfolio
Needless to say, we proved that higher income is possible even if we haven't yet "hit" that $5,000 per week goal.

At our current pace, this translates to an insane growth rate of capital. We traded over a 13-week period, earning $58,441 in that time. Over a full year, that's potential annualized income of more than $233,700. Now, reality says our income will fluctuate, but if the first test is any indication, the $5K Income Challenge could substantially outperform most income strategies that use options.

That makes the $5K Income Challenge one of the most exciting new developments at Traders Reserve. We invite you to be one of the founding members to the $5K Income Challenge.

Last Chance: Only $4,995 Annual Membership
5 Seats Left!

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What's Inside...

Your $5K Income Challenge Membership Includes:

Daily Trade Alerts App

You’ll be making several trades each week to generate income and manage positions.

All trade alerts will be sent through our Traders Reserve app so you can respond quickly.

$5k Challenge Training Program

Join our pop-up livestream trading room and trade alongside us in real-time.

You'll get notified in advance of the trade sessions via our app alert. Trade sessions will typically occur on Fridays.

$100,000 Portfolio Tracking

We'll share our real money portfolio with you to ensure your results mirror ours as closely as is possible.

Equity curve and positions overview will be provided so you know the real-time performance of the $5K Income Challenge.

$5K Weekly Briefing

Each Monday, we'll provide a Weekly Briefing to recap trading action and performance from the previous week.

Monthly Performance Review

Each month, we'll hold a special webinar to:
  • Review Performance
  • Review strategies and tactics
  • Manage expectations
  • Take questions

Member's Website for Easy Access

Access your trade alert details, the $5K Income Challenge tracking portfolio, recordings of monthly reviews and more.

Plus, get private email access to Dave and Chris so you can get your questions answered quickly.

Seats Are Very Limited!

Join The $5K Income Challenge

Reserve Your Seat Today for Just $4,995

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